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Community Park Re-opens

By Parish Clerk, Caron Ballantyne Collingham Parish

Friday, 3 July 2020


Collingham Parish Contributor



Collingham Parish Parks will re-open on Saturday 4th July in line with government guidance

There are lots of notices on the gates and equipment advising users of the recomended guidance and restrictions which have been put in place for anyone using the parks and if you enter you are expected to adhere to them

Please be aware that the risk of catching coronavirus is still with us.

Please read the rules to make sure you and those around you Stay Safe.

You are responsible for your own safety whilst using the park

Park, Guidance for use

  • If you don’t feel well stay at home, don’t visit the park
  • Give each other time and space, if equipment looks busy come back later
  • Some equipment is being restricted to the number of users, please take note of this
  • Don’t eat or drink whilst in the park
  • Use hand sanitiser frequently
  • Use the litter bins provided for any waste
  • Wash your hands thoroughly when you get home
  • Enjoy yourself, remember to be kind to each other and Stay Safe

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation

Lead by example – We are in this together

Additional guidance is in place for the Skate Park

Contact Information

Parish Clerk, Caron Ballantyne

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