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Local School Needs your help

By Parish Clerks, Caron Ballantyne and Sarah Markall Collingham Parish

Thursday, 8 July 2021


Collingham Parish Contributor


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We, the friends of North Clifton Primary School are calling on the Parents, Carers, Grandparents and members of our local community to petition the Local Authority to maintain education in our village.

We understand the Department for Education wants to retain small rural schools therefore we request that Nottinghamshire County Council assist the governors and the community in retaining the school.

Nestled in the most wonderful rural location between the villages of North and South Clifton on the Nottinghamshire/Lincolnshire border, our school prides itself upon the nurturing, family environment that it provides for our pupils.

We are a small school with big ideas and it is our aim that all of the children we are lucky enough to educate here, become independent learners. We believe in nurturing their passion, encouraging their individuality and personalising their learning. Wholeheartedly feeling that children who take ownership of their learning will always achieve their very best.

At our last Ofsted inspection we were rated good, the full report can be found online. If you do get a chance to read it you will see we were only a tiny margin off being an outstanding school and that is something we are working towards constantly.

At North Clifton we pride ourselves on the togetherness and the family ethos that we create. Everyone involved with the school has a voice and know that their thoughts, feelings and opinions are not only important but are necessary to ensure the school continues to flourish.

As well as top-class teaching, an incredible teacher-led, early-years programme (we take children from 3 onwards), our wonderful playing field & outdoor space and our fabulous resources, we have a strong commitment to nurturing each child as an individual. We are dedicated to ensuring that every one of our pupils is given all of the tools they need to go on as brilliant, rounded people ready to thrive both educationally and personally in the next stage of their lives

Here at North Clifton, the big look after the little and the little look up to the big, and that is the way our fabulous children have always been - we’re sure all of our pupils from the last 145 + years would agree.

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