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New Volunteer litter picker, starts with a surprising amount of rubbish

By Parish Clerk, Caron Ballantyne Collingham Parish

Friday, 7 February 2020


Collingham Parish Contributor


Having recently moved to the village of Collingham, Steve Blagg was surprised by the amount of litter lying around in the streets.

He has therefore volunteered to join the existing team to help try and clear up the village for the benefit of everyone.

His first day and first 100 yards yielded a very surprising 6 bags of rubbish!

If you, or an organisation to which you belong, would like to get involved in the Great British Spring Clean please let the Parish Clerk know and the Parish Council will happily arrange an event

Alternatively, if you would like to join the team on a more permanent basis (all equipment provided) please contact the Parish Clerk.

Of course, if people disposed of their rubbish responsibly, the Parish would be a cleaner, tidier place for everyone to live

Contact Information

Parish Clerks, Caron Ballantyne and Sarah Markall

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