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Collingham Parish

The Fallen

Forty four names appear on the Collingham War Memorials in St John the Baptist Church and All Saints Church. The 43 men and one woman (Sister Elisabeth Hunt) were from all walks of life. Some had strong connections to Collingham and Brough, others less so. The profiles are an attempt to provide some background - domestic and military - to their lives.

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List of Regiments & Battalions of the Fallen battalions.pdf 154.1 KB Aitchison RAC Aitchison.pdf 644.8 KB Ashworth, George Ashworth-G-CGW.pdf 404.3 KB Ashworth, Leonard Ashworth-L-CGW.pdf 500.3 KB Bacon, John Bacon-J-CGW.pdf 628.3 KB Bacon, Thomas Bacon-T-H--CGW.pdf 496.3 KB Bagley, Charles Bagley-C-CGW.pdf 522.4 KB Bee, Jack Peet Bee-CGW.pdf 2.8 MB Berry, Thomas Berry-TL-CGW.pdf 604.2 KB Blow, Harry Blow,-H-CGW.pdf 407.6 KB Blundy, George Blundy-CGW.pdf 638.1 KB Brompton, Arthur Brompton-CGW.pdf 483 KB Browne, Percival Browne-P-CGW.pdf 792.5 KB Browne Montague Bernard Browne-M-CGW.pdf 1.2 MB Bunn, Charles Bunn-CGW.pdf 516.2 KB Clayton, George Clayton-G-CGW.pdf 1.1 MB East, Fred East-F-CGW.pdf 600.6 KB East, Tom East-T-CGW.pdf 639.5 KB Golland, Frank Golland-CWG.pdf 552.6 KB Hammond, Albert Hammond-A-CGW.pdf 446.7 KB Hammond, William Hammond--W-CGW.pdf 516.6 KB Harker, John Harker,-J-CGW.pdf 653.2 KB Hickman, John hickman-j-CGW.pdf 687.5 KB Hill, Walter Hill-W-CGW.pdf 500.2 KB Hunt, Elisabeth Hunt-E-revised.pdf 720.7 KB Hunt, Robert Hunt-R-CGW-updated.pdf 448.1 KB Liley, James Liley-J-CWG.pdf 725.2 KB Lyon, Fred Lyon-F-CGW-updated.pdf 447.4 KB Millns, Harold Millns-H-CGW.pdf 805.4 KB Oldham, Belton Oldham-B-CGW.pdf 422.1 KB Pilgrim, George Pilgrim-CGW.pdf 519.8 KB Priestley, Herbert Priestley-H-CGW.pdf 944.8 KB Priestley, Leonard Priestley-L--CGW.pdf 938.8 KB Sheldon, Harry sheldon-h-CGW.pdf 883.4 KB Starr, Arthur Starr-A-CGW.pdf 939.2 KB Taylor, Joseph Taylor-J-CGW.pdf 424.7 KB Thompson, Frank Thompson-CGW.pdf 1.1 MB Tonn, Arthur Tonn-A.pdf 577.7 KB Wilkinson, Vincent Vincent-Wilkinson-New.pdf 683.8 KB Walker, Albert Walker-CGW.pdf 637.6 KB White, Frank White-F-CGW.pdf 322.2 KB Williams, Arthur Ernest Williams-A-E-CGW.pdf 563.5 KB Williams, Arthur Wynne Williams-A-W-CGW.pdf 577.3 KB Williams, Arthur Wynne additional notes Arthur-Wynne-Williams---R-Crawley-Notes.pdf 801.8 KB Woolley, Thomas woolley-t-CGW.pdf 505.3 KB Wright, Harry Wright-H-CWG.pdf 381.9 KB